A downloadable Cat Platformer for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a demo of a game I have been making. It is free, but the actual game has not come out yet. The actual game will cost money. (NOTE: The health does not work.) This is a very small demo, but I would like it if you would download it and tell me if it looks promising.

It is a platformer about a cat character (not acrobatic) who learns about some treasure on an island. He goes off to find it.

Please give me your feedback.


Island of Adventure Demo.zip 16 MB


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Hi, how do I get to level 2? Neither up nor space work on the door.


Level 2 has not been made. I have been working on a different project, once it is finished, I will come back to this game.

Wow! Didnt know you made a platformer game, Thomas!! Awesome! :O

Ha ha! I did, but I pretty much gave up on it. Maybe after Delta Origins, I will work on it more.

Ahh that's too bad! but yeah, I do think Delta Origins is worth your time and energy for the time being. But wouldn't hurt to work on this next once it is done! ;)

Thanks for the support! 😊